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Full Service Digital Marketing & Training

We take the guesswork out of branding and marketing your fitness center that can save you 6 – 10 years of frustration.

The secret sauce to psychological analysis without losing time or money investing in unnecessary tools for your business (the avenue that most people take, and fail).

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What's Included

  • The most effective method to Propel and Evolve a Profitable Fitness Business
  • Campaigns that use tools that you already own
  • Campaigns that use content that you have already created

How it Works

  • Set Appointment
  • Gather Your Team
  • Blueprint Your Business

Services & Pricing

  • Build an Unstoppable Business
  • Grow Your Business to the Next Level
  • Scale Your Empire

What You Can Expect From Us

Trusted & Experienced

As an experienced and seasoned digital marketing company, we wrote the book on business growth. Drastically increasing sales and membership for gyms, fitness centers, wellness studio chains, and franchises is what we are all about.

No More Silly Investments

When you are ready to boost your sales and overall income with the tools and content you already have, then we can go on the green light.

Business Growth

We don’t work in the social media realm of getting more likes and followers as an influencer. We assist you and your team with the tools you already have to build and grow your business effectively, honestly and fast.

We Wrote the Book

We have worked with thousands of gyms in over 9 countries and in all of that time we have become the Industry Expert. We wrote the book on business growth for the fitness industry and you can have it for free anytime, anywhere. 

Happy Customers

“Shoan Snodays AutomationRehab.com holds the key to growing your fitness center and helps you scale at the rate that makes sense. You won’t waste your money on marketing gimmicks that are all over the Internet. Rather you will receive focused and proven campaigns that are only being implemented by real marketers helping real businesses” – Amy Dagliesh

““There a very few marketers in the fitness industry that can look at your current client list and bring the gold to surface. Shoan Snoday is one of those rare marketers that will not only find the diamonds in your database, he will help you convert them as well.” – Paul Shepard / Sensei Stormy

Other Services

Lead Generation

We help generate quality warm leads that spill over to the top of your sales pipeline so you can connnect sooner and faster than the compeition.

Automate Your Referrals

Get more referrals. We make it easy for your clients to shout your name from the rooftops, while you are working, on vacation or even when you’re taking a nap!

Convert Sales

Boost your sales and profits with affordable tools that major corporations use to increase their online and offline conversion rates.

Sales Videos

AutomationRehab provides support for Native Videos that can be viewed Internationally.

Custom Content

Add style and flair to your pages with Custom Copy from the best writers in the system that match your voice to your marketing.

Mobile Marketing

Reach your prospects faster than the speed of light with Ultra Responsive Marketing that adapts to any screen size.

Ad Retargeting

Convert tire kickers and looky-loos into rabid fans with ads and banners that keep your brand in front of their eyes.

Responsive Websites

Be seen from any device. Your prospects can connect with you from their phones, tablets, or laptops with ease.

Ad Re-targeting

Convert tire kickers and looky-loos into rabid fans with ads and banners that keep your brand in front of their eyes.

Our Pricing Plans

Flexible plans for small to fast-growing centers, studios, and gyms. Start simple and upgrade as you grow, or talk to us and choose the best solution for you.

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